Quality Design and Print, LLC

In this age, printing continues to hold a specific niche in most industries:
there is still a need for mail correspondence, so letterheads and envelopes remain necessary;
physical advertising such as business cards can offer a powerful resource for a business's digital material;
large format prints are sometimes necessary for contractors;
and full color posters can make the first impression needed to bring a customer back to your business.
These are just a few examples, and the industry continues to evolve. We have the experience and knowledge to help identify what material will help you the best. Our dedication is in making your business look good in any form of print service you may need.
Here, we take a moment to introduce ourselves. We look forward to meeting you, too.

Celeste Ramirez

Vice-President; Office Manager

Always ready to greet a visitor to the office or answer an incoming call is Celeste Ramirez. After pursuing an A.A. in Business Administration, she opted to stay close to home and help her parents run Quality Design and Print. Since January of 2012, she has learned far more than she could have anticipated. Researching design and printing industry standards, print output options, and paper stock types has allowed her to take the role of a consultant and offer knowledge and advice to clients who are in need. She also takes the role of bookkeeper and has just enough knowledge about tech support to keep the office running.
In her personal life, Celeste takes an interest in writing, drawing and painting, music, and programming. When she is able, she likes to casually play video games and spend time with her fiance.

Mary Ramirez

President; Art Director

Mary Ramirez has been in the printing industry for over 40 years. Her career has included cold type composition for major metropolitan newspapers, traditional offset print shops and typesetting for the printing trade. Over the years, she has witnessed the evolution of the trade from analog production to the digital process. Working with ad agencies has been instrumental in developing her design style with major focus on finding the elegance in each project and translating that to the printed page.
Her hobbies of drawing and painting are related to her art background. She is currently on the board of the Eustis Art League as the newsletter editor.

Joe Ramirez

Chief Financial Officer; Head Technician

Joe Ramirez’s career in the printing industry began in the 1970’s, where he worked as a courier for the Miami Herald. Over time, he moved up from the ad services department into platemaking, engraving, and color reproduction departments. When he moved to Umatilla, he spent several years working in large trade and print shops in the Orlando area. With the digital age taking hold in the 90’s, he led several hardware and software installation teams before deciding to become self-employed. Madaba Digital Publishing was opened in 1998 with a strong focus on serving local designers and organizations. Although his company’s name has changed, his dedication to serving the community remains the same.
Outside of the shop, Joe can be found playing bass with local musicians Carlon Harbison, John French, and Paul Smithson at Olivia’s Coffeehouse and Uncorked, Wine Cellars in Downtown Eustis.